Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bio-diesel: An Indian perspective

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solar panels : Electricity generation and beyond…

I recently read an interesting article on benefits of solar panel other than electricity generation . I really want to share here on earth day!.

Solar panel installation on roof for electricity production is known and popular. PV cells installed on insulated roof can reduce heat gain in summer and hence reduce air condition load. And other interesting usage of solar panels could be to use as a patio shade and awning. As a matter of fact shading of awning can save electricity up to 65% on south facing windows and up to 77% on west facing windows and reduction 8 F-15F (5C-8C) in internal temperature.

Mean solar panels can not only used for clean electricity generation but also for saving energy and utility bills $$$

Buying clean electricity

Go green slogan has been buzzing all around us for years. We read, get suggestions, get greening tips like using energy star appliances, switching to CFL/LED etc.But we hardly hear and talk which electricity to shop?We hardly think about the source of electricity, whether the electricity is clean or renewable?
Having said that, few basic questions pop-up regarding cleaner/greener source of electricity. What are the cleaner source of electricity available? Are they available in our area? To find out who are the providers in your area or are they expensive? You just need to visit website of U.S. department of energy and then the sub section buying green power.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Greener way of doing laundry

Practicing green turns to be dearer is not always true! Following some easy doable tips for laundry keeps us healthy also save $$$ too!
Using phosphate free detergent and lesser use of chlorine bleach can keep skin, lungs healthy and keep water body also healthy! Another important tip is to use cold water for laundry whenever possible.Using cold washing can save a lot electricity to heat the water, exceptions could be mens lab coat, chef’s apron, nursing dress, nursing scrub pants, industrial apron etc. Drying clothes outside in sun light will not only save money but the UV rays from sun can kill bacteria present in clothes.
Another easiest way to keep laundry bill is wear cloth more than a few times.Last not the least, load the washing machine fully.