Friday, September 11, 2009

Magic Of White-Roofs

Everybody is aware with the fact that darker materials absorb more heat from sun than white/light colors, but an interesting data I want to share that black surface in the sun can be 40°C (70°F) hotter than the reflective white surface. This phenomenon occurs in the case of roofs also and heated roof then transfer their heat to surrounded air and contribute to heat island effect, while reflective metallic/ ceramic roof can reflect 65-75 %solar light. According to California energy commissioner “White roofs can cut a building’s energy use by 20% and save consumers money,” and “The potential energy savings in the U.S. is in excess of $1 billion annually.”
White roofs need not necessarily can be achieved by huge investments on metallic roof or ceramic tiles, the flavour of white roof can be realized by inexpensive methods like painting roof with white acrylic paint, titanium dioxide coating or even with limestone talc (In India commly known as choona), and one can have flexibilty by having roof covered with tarpauline sheet in summer or on demand.

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