Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can indoor water conservation save bills???

In previous post I have been talking about going green by energy saving TIPS for buildings and how these lead to $$$ savings. Here I want to start new discussions on organic living in the buildings by conserving water and its benefits for a common person. Similar to energy conservation, water conservation also leads to environmental benefits and ultimately to monetary benefits just by awareness and little efforts. According to EPA an average American family of four pays $820 per year water and related fee and $230 for water heating and it also estimated that 15-20% of total water fee can be cut-down just by adopting simple water conservation techniques.

Flushing of toilet takes maximum water for the indoor use, it accounts for 30-35% of total water use in home and around 45% in offices, therefore working on conserving water in toilets flush on priority really make sense. The concept of dual flush toilet technology arose in Australia in 1980 and by nineties it got popularize world wide, it uses less than 1 gallon of eater for flushing liquid waste and 1.6 gallons for flushing solid waste much less compared to 5 gallon traditional flushing system, which can lead to saving of water 49 gallons per day in a family of seven member and $198 per year.

In my opinion, first step for practicing water conservation is to have awareness programs amongst adults as well as kids in their schools, camps and especially for the users of the buildings like hospitals, schools, leisure centers, shopping malls where water usage is higher.
These awareness programs can be combined with charity funding for schools, hospital, library where payback period would be short and water saving would be huge. Another way to educate kids for the importance of water and benefits of water conservation is to fund schools for projects especially design to demonstrate various water conservation techniques like dual flush toilets.

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