Friday, September 11, 2009

Saving $$$ through shades of trees

I guess everyone atleast once in their lifetime must have used shadows of tree to protect themself from scorching sunlight, we all know shade of trees give cooling effect to their surrounding and buildings too, they create a cool micro-environment that can cool the temperature of their surrounding up to 9 degree Fahrnheit. But very few of us know that well planned shading of house using trees can actually cut our energy bills, it is observed that cooling cost can be 20-40% reduced and similarly energy used in heating can cut down by 10-25%. Now the question is how to get most benefits of trees? There few simple things to keep in mind

• Planting tree of right height, and keeping midday sun away from windows and doors.

• Tree should be place within 40 feet of south side of the house or within 60 feet of west side.

• Shading air-conditioner’s compressor can increase its efficiency by as much as 10%.

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