Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Junk mails and carbon foot prints

Whole world is screaming about climate change issues, green house gases and global warming. While talking about green house gases and emission we talk industrial emission, automobile emission or emissions due heating or cooling but we generally ignore our carbon foot print from small things like waste generated in day to day life. I was just reading impacts of junk mails on environment and came across very astonishing facts like an average American receive around 850 pieces of junk paper every year, which is equivalent to 100 billion pieces of paper per annum and 51 million metric ton GHG. Public survey/poll on junk mails time to time shows about 80-90% junk mail recipients do not like junk mails and want to register some kind service for “DO NOT MAIL”. Greendimes is one of the several companies who are working on reducing junk mails received this company is also trying to help environment by planting one tree in month for one person register to do not mail list. The Founder and CEO of company Pankaj Shah says “Everybody gets junk mails, and nobody likes”

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