Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going Green with the home security system

Vampire electricity or phantom energy loss term used for the electricity continuously taken by the appliances in standby mode or even in switched off mode. It is estimated these losses cost consumer somewhere $ 40 to $100 annually. Some of the culprits are TV/VCR/DVD players, game console, chargers, computer, printer, fax machine any kitchen appliance having clock or LED light and at last but not the least home security system. Home security system in U.S. goes hand in hand with home construction, these systems consume electricity around the clock day and night. And take billions of dollars per year.Part of the electricity required for home security system can be offset by renewable energy sources like solar or wind energy. Some of the solar powered home security systems available are

  • Solar Powered LED Security Light and Motion Detector.

  • Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Light.

  • Solar powered remote security system with cell phone link to the internet.

  • Remote site surveillance with internet.


  1. This is really interesting, I've never tried using a solar powered security system before. Is there any downside on getting solar powered security systems?

  2. There are IP cameras which use Power-over-Ethernet, but a midspan would still be required for some. Those kinds have a status LED which indicates whether the cables are properly connected or not. If power-saving CCTV cameras are developed, they will certainly help solve phantom energy losses.


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